The Twelve Kingdoms!

My het OTP:

Yoko/Rakushun alllll the way.

My boyslash OTP:

See, the problem is that there are so many excellent ladies in the Twelve Kingdoms that this doesn’t really occur to me. SORRY. I am a huge fan of a lot of the dudes in this series, and I enjoy their relationships, but I don’t see them as romantic, not really.

My femslash OTP:

There are ton of relationships that could be interpreted this way, I guess, if people wanted to (there were some pretty Yoko/Shoukei sketches by Megan), but I GUESS I DON’T /SHIP/ ANY OF THIS? ON THE OTHER HAND Yoko+Suzu+Shoukei is one of my favourite ladyfriendships ever.

My endgame OTP:

I have a problem. It is that when I ship something I tend to OTP it! (Uhh, THE EMPRESS OF KEI and her best friend the half rat, yes)

My original OTP:

I am sorry to be so repetitive! Yoko and Rakushun again =D

My crack OTP:

I ACTUALLY DO HAVE A CRACK OTP. I absurdly, without basis other than my own amusement, ship Suzu/Rikou. RIKOU is the son of the King of Sou, and he spends an awful lot of time travelling around and SMILING. I feel it would be a hilarious and interesting pair.

My guilty pleasure OTP:

I don’t have one! HOWEVER, sometimes I have gotten dangerously close to wanting what’s basically furry porn, SO THERE YOU GO, I am counting Yoko/Rakushun-as-a-Rat as ‘guilty pleasure’ despite me not having read any such thing (excepting a very very short drabble).

My anti-OTP:

I don’t understand Yoko/Keiki, and I dislike it intensely. The power dynamics are all wrong, Keiki’s past history makes it slightly disturbing, and I really just don’t see it.